A family saga of more than 90 years and three generations dedicated to the production of fish and seafood preserves of the highest quality.

Fidelity to the selection of the best raw materials and artisan work. To the original recipes that always distinguished us. To the palates accustomed to enjoy a sea of sensations and flavor.

Almost a century of tradition and craftsmanship since 1920 Mr José Peña Oubiña founded one of the most important Galician preserves company.

Today, three generations later, his flag of loyalty and commitment to quality continues to flow with his grandson José Peña.

Different brands and packaging used during the first decades of production:


Images taken along almost 100 years of history and tradition linked to the canning industry in the Galician estuaries and the Atlantic Ocean:

View of the facade of the Peña preserves factory now converted into a museum.
Unloading seafood in the port of Cambados.

View of the Cambados factory, which began its activity in 1948.
Buying sardine in the port for later canning.

Workers on board of one of the boats engaged in fishing.
Making brass during the forties and fifties decades.

Old advertising poster prepared for the Chapela factory in Vigo estuary.
Workers in front of the old Cambados factory.
Peña was one of the pioneers in the cultivation of mussels in rafts in the Galician estuaries.

Vilaxoan factory that opens in 1975 and will become one of the most modern and important in all of Spain.